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Overland rock rails

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All Overland models come standard with custom rock rails, available in a gray finish only.

Overland rock rails

The Overland rails can be purchased and easily installed on other WJ models, as shown in the above photo of a 2002 Limited. The Overland rails are functional, made of steel and weigh about 30 Lbs each. Only the adjustable end caps are plastic. The bolt holes for mounting the rails are already designed into the frame area on 2002 and later models. For 1999-2001 WJ's mounting holes must be drilled into the frame. For Laredo models, the side cladding must be removed in order to install the Overland rails. If you purchase a used set make sure the 12 J-nuts are included as well as the other parts listed in the chart below. The front brackets are built onto the rail and are not available separately. Butchen Engineering and Prince Metal Products designed and manufactured the rails for Chrysler.

Overland rock rails

Removing the rails from an Overland is very easy, just unscrew the 3 main bolts in each of the four corners. No further disassembly of any other rail parts is required.

Overland rock rail parts list

Part Name Quantity Part # MSRP
Rock rail, leftQuantity: 15HU39VF7AG (discontinued) $714.00
Rock rail, rightQuantity: 15HU38VF7AG (discontinued)$714.00
Rear Bracket (left)Quantity: 1(no part number)(included with rails)
Rear Bracket (right)Quantity: 1(no part number)(included with rails)
End cap (left front)Quantity: 15HU43VF7AC$69.35 (included with rails)
End cap (left rear)Quantity: 15HU45VF7AC (discontinued)$69.35 (included with rails)
End cap (right front)Quantity: 15HU42VF7AC$73.45 (included with rails)
End cap (right rear)Quantity: 15HU44VF7AC (discontinued)$69.35 (included with rails)
End cap screwsQuantity: 86507332AA$3.35 ea. (included with rails)
Rear bracket screwsQuantity: 4(no part number)(included with rails)
Bolts, main
Quantity: 126507331AA$4.20 ea.
Quantity: 12(not available from Jeep)$1.25 ea.
NOTE: Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of November 2012. Parts are not available from this web site.

Overland rock rails

Parts location and installation diagram.

rail mounting location

Mounting holes and U-nuts (3) for the Overland rail. Left front shown, looking forward.

Mopar offers other types of rock rails and side-steps as well. See the latest Mopar accessory catalog for information and retail prices. Other companies make a variety of different custom rails as well.

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For some serious heavy duty off-roading rails check out KevinsOffroad.com.

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