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Under hood lamp

WJ hoodlamp

This extremely handy feature was eliminated starting with the 2002 model year. The bright light was conveniently mounted over the dipstick, lighting the entire engine area. It works with a gravity-type switch that turns the light on and off when the hood is opened and closed.

2002-2004 owners can easily install the original factory hood lamp. The screw hole and mounting tab are still present, hidden under the hood insulation cover. A rectangular piece needs to be cut out where the mounting holes are. Wiring must be run as well. A fused hot lead can be run directly to the battery or under-hood fuse box, or fed across the hood (under the insulation) and through the firewall to the inside dash. The ground wire can be run almost anywhere. If desired, an on-off switch can easily be added. As well, it's probably possible to tie into the interior light system for the benefit of having the automatic 8-minute off timer. The electrical connector plug is not available separately, so one must devise a way to connect the wiring to the 2 pins. Wires can be soldered on, or attached to the right size push-on connector end.

You can also buy the entire factory harness that will run the cable to the firewall area, and then make the connections inside. It's even possible to tie in to the original factory power pin in the control module under the dash, which should allow the light to work with on the auto-off timed circuit.

Part name: "Lamp" (with bulb)Part number: 56021441List price: $22.60
Part name: "Harness"Part number: 56042574ADList price: $32.35
(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Parts are not available from this web site. Prices are current as of December 2009)

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