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Chrome exhaust tips

As a cost-cutting measure, the chrome tip was deleted on all models with the HO engine starting with 2003 model year production. The OEM tip is not available separately, and if desired must be purchased as one assembly with the muffler. A much cheaper alternative is to purchase an aftermarket exhaust tip such as the model 35171 from Magnaflow, shown below.

Magnaflow Chrome tips

HO vs Magnaflow exhaust tips

Jeeps Unlimited member Kodiak added a Magnaflow exhaust tip to his 2002 V8 Limited. The Magnaflow tip, which features double-wall construction and rolled oval edges, is the closest match to the factory HO exhaust tip. It has an inlet diameter of 3". The Magnaflow tip is available from Kolak.

Magnaflow 35171

Magnaflow #35171 chrome tip

Mopar Chrome tips

Mopar offers chrome stainless steel exhaust tips for 2003-2004 model Grand Cherokees, one for the V8 and one for the I6. The Chrome tip slips over your existing exhaust pipe and secures with a fastener, "adding extra street smarts to your vehicle". Meets all DaimlerChrysler standards for corrosion resistance.

P/N 82208472 Chrome Exhaust Tip, V8 $89.00

P/N 82208473 Chrome Exhaust Tip, 6-cyl. $89.00

Grand Cherokee Limited
Grand Cherokee Limited
Grand Cherokee Limited

Mopar chrome tip shown installed on a 2004 Limited Grand Cherokee

Mopar chrome tip installation

Chrome exhaust tip
Chrome exhaust tip

Stock exhaust shown on a 2004 Limited

Chrome exhaust tip

Chrome exhaust tip

Chrome exhaust tip

Chrome exhaust tip


1. With a sawsall or equivalent, cut off 7-1/2" of the existing factory tailpipe, as shown in the photo. Follow the curve of the pipe to obtain the measurement and mark with a grease pen.

2. Photo of tailpipe after being cut

3. Photo of piece that was cut off

4. Photo of the new Mopar chrome tip and installation clamp

Chrome exhaust tip

Chrome exhaust tip

Chrome exhaust tip

Chrome exhaust tip


5. The new tip is slid onto the tailpipe

6. Tighten the clamp bolt using a 15mm socket or box wrench

7. Confirm that there is at least 1" (25mm) minimum clearance between the chrome pipe and the vehicle fascia

8. View of the finished installation

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