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This page last updated: September 6, 2014

Roof rack cross bars and skid strips
Description End cap removal Silver rails Optimum storage position

roof rack

Adjustable roof cross bars and skid strips were included as standard equipment on all 99-01 Grand Cherokee's. Starting with model year 2002 production, the factory eliminated the rubber strips and made the bars optional. The bars are also available via the Mopar accessory catalog. The easily-installed adhesive-backed skid strips can be ordered through any Jeep parts dealer but are expensive, the MSRP for the six strips required is over $100.00. Other roof rack attachments for a variety of different applications can also be found in the Mopar accessory catalog, as well as from other manufacturers.

skidstrip part

Replacement skidstrips are packaged individually.

cross bar caps
cross bar caps

The rail end caps, two at the rear and two at the front, are attached with plastic clip tabs. To remove or install the adjustable crossrails, the two rear caps must be removed. The easiest way to remove them is to pry out one side with a trim stick or your fingers while pulling the cap up from the back (front side of vehicle). Note the location of the lock tabs in the photo above. The edges of the caps can be sharp so it's best to use a rag or glove to protect your fingers while pulling them off. When re-installing, make sure to align the end tab and check that they are completely seated on all sides.

Roof rack cross bars, skid strips and end caps
Cross bar (black)Qty: 2P/N: 82207389 (Mopar accessory, set of 2)List price: $153.00 pair
Cross bar (black)Qty: 2P/N: 5017213AA (Mopar parts, same bar as above)List price: $60.35 each bar
Skid stripsQty: 6P/N: 55135987AC (discontinued)List price: $21.45 each strip
Side rail end cap, front leftQty: 1P/N: 55135971ABList price: $25.50 each
Side rail end cap, front rightQty: 1P/N: 55135970ABList price: $25.50 each
Side rail end cap, rear leftQty: 1P/N: 55136577AAList price: $10.10 each
Side rail end cap, rear rightQty: 1P/N: 55136576AAList price: $18.50 each
(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Prices are current as of September 2014. Parts are not available from this web site.)


2002-2004 models came without skidstrips or cross bars

Freedom Edition silver roof rack side rails and cross bars

Freedom Edition roof rack side rails

The Freedom Edition features silver roof rack side rails and silver cross bars.

Freedom Edition silver rails and cross bars
Roof rack side rail, Radiant Silver (Right)P/N: 5JW30BS2AB (discontinued)List price: $209.00 ea.
Roof rack side rail, Radiant Silver (Left)P/N: 5JW31BS2AB (discontinued)List price: $209.00 ea.
Roof rack cross rail, Radiant Silver (without stanchions)P/N: 5JW32BS2AB (discontinued)List price: $200.00 ea.
Stanchion, black (Right)P/N: 55136850ABList price: $106.00 ea.
Stanchion, black (Left)P/N: 55136851ABList price: $106.80 ea.
Note: Stanchions are the locking mechanisms that fit onto the crossrail ends. These are not included with the cross rails P/N 5JW32BS2AB. The stanchions are the same as what is used on the standard black cross rails that come on all other models. The stanchions attach with screws, the screws are not available from Jeep. If upgrading from the black bars to the silver it may be cheaper to use your existing stanchions, if you have them, and attach them to the new silver cross rails.
(Prices listed are for reference purposes only and may vary by dealer. Parts are not available from this web site. Pricing last updated September 2014.)

Optimum cross bar storage location to reduce wind noise


The rear cross bar on the roof rack is set to the full forward location prior to shipment from the assembly plant. This is being done to prevent damage to the cross bar when vehicles are loaded onto transports. The cross bar must be moved back to the rear most position on the roof rack rails prior to delivery to customers. Leaving the cross bar in the forward position can cause excessive air turbulence and the associated wind noise.

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